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Personality and Social BeliefsEN(57)10-15

Standard points: 7.00

Top-3-Bonus: 2.83

Full title:Personality and Beliefs About the Social World
Keywords: Social psychology, Australia, narcissism, threat perception, psychology
Field of study: Psychology
University:Charles Sturt University
Faculty / School / Department:School of Psychology (Dr Magdalena Żemojtel-Piotrowska)
Survey Manager: Isabella Marden
Reason for survey: Thesis
Language: English
Target audience: Australian citizens aged 18 years and over
Donation pledge: No
Gift card raffle: No
Prize raffle: No
Online in: Region2 (primary)
Recommended devices:

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Do you see what I see?EN(43)30-35

Standard points: 6.50

Top-3-Bonus: 2.00

Full title:Do you see what I see?
Keywords: cognition, psychology, attention, visual systems, question pro, university, psy
Field of study: Psychology
University:Charles Sturt University
Faculty / School / Department:Karen Griffith (Dani Sulikowski)
Survey Manager: Amanda Towle
Reason for survey: Thesis
Language: English
Target audience: Ages 18+, this study requires the use of a computer with a keyboard
Donation pledge: No
Gift card raffle: No
Prize raffle: No
Online in: Region2 (primary)
Recommended devices:

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Type 1 Diabetes and Young AdultsEN(11)20-253×£20 Amazon

Standard points: 6.00

Top-3-Bonus: 1.00

Full title:Self-management intervention for 18-25 year olds with T1D
Keywords: Type 1 Diabetes, Diabetes, Young Adults, Self-Management
Field of study: Psychology
University:University of Surrey
Faculty / School / Department:Department of Psychology (Prof Jane Ogden)
Survey Manager: Caitlin Gibb
Reason for survey: Dissertation
Language: English
Target audience: Live in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, New Zealand or Australia, aged 18-25, and have type 1 diabetes
Important note: A follow-up survey will be sent out a month later
Donation pledge: No
Gift card raffle: 3 × £20 Amazon gift card
Prize raffle: No
Online in: Region2 (primary)
Recommended devices:

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Perfectionism and Mental HealthEN(36)27-32


Full title:Perfectionism and the Mental Health of University Students
Keywords: Mental health, perfectionism, well-being, uni students, two-part longitudinal
Field of study: Psychology
University:Newcastle University
Faculty / School / Department:School of Psychology (Tracy Donachie)
Survey Manager: Nicola Philpot
Reason for survey: Dissertation
Language: English
Important note: This is a two-part study PART 1 IS NOW CLOSED (Please do not report!)
Donation pledge: £0.20 per participant to Papyrus
Gift card raffle: No
Prize raffle: No
Online in: Region2 (primary)
Recommended devices:

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Visual representations and mythsEN(80)15-20
Full title:Impact of visual representations related to myth and misinformation
Keywords: participant thoughts, visual representation, myths, science communication, phd
Field of study: Miscellaneous
Faculty / School / Department:Science Communication
Survey Manager: Sabita Yadav
Reason for survey: Other research
Language: English
Target audience: Indians
Donation pledge: No
Gift card raffle: No
Prize raffle: No
Online in: Region2 (primary)
Recommended devices:

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Self-regulation and sense of agencyEN(21)10-157346.70+5.20
AI decision making at workEN(42)9-128325.32+5.15
Health-related behaviour changeEN(68)15-209313.43+5.10
Home Environment & Personal ValuesEN(71)8-12

US$ 0.75

App di incontriIT(25)5-611310.11+5.00
Attitudes and behaviours in IPVEN(89)15-1612303.54+4.95
Expressed emotion and mental healthEN(80)30-3513277.95+4.90
Sexual experiences and behavioursEN(45)8-1014268.12+4.85
Hygiene/Covid Messages in TourismEN(70)5-615247.92+4.80
Effects of anxiety and low moodEN(58)15-201×£20 Amazon16242.45+4.75
Phonological Word StressEN(19)15-2017241.73+4.72
Influence of augmented realityEN(31)3-618239.18+4.69
Impulsivity and Eating BehaviourEN(50)5-7


Relation to customer serviceES(22)3-520232.15+4.63
Dating Experiences (LGBTQ+)EN(28)3-421226.86+4.60
Personality, Motivation and SmokingEN(71)10-155×£20 Amazon...22226.36+4.57
Anxiety in Graduate StudentsEN(97)8-1223225.83+4.54
Phones in the FE ClassroomEN(46)3-524224.34+4.51
Home CookingEN(9)15-2025222.52+4.48
Personality and Academic DishonestyEN(85)10-155×A$ 25 E-gift26217.59+4.45
Self-talk words/statementsEN(53)3-827214.31+4.42
Exam Conditions and Test AnxietyEN(30)15-202×A$ 25 Prezzee28213.17+4.39
Impressions of hair colourEN(52)10-1529210.89+4.37
Data Visualization LiteracyEN(15)12-155×gift worth...30206.02+4.35
Publicidad en InstagramES(5)3-531199.75+4.33
Smartphone addiction and parentsEN(69)10-1332199.03+4.31
Perceptions around CryptocurrenciesEN(64)4-633190.17+4.29
Smartphone UseEN(35)25-302×A$ 30 Coles/M...34186.15+4.27
Salamander ConservationEN(25)8-1235185.46+4.25
Effects of Fear AppealsEN(48)20-2536185.32+4.23
The bookstore customer experienceEN(23)3-437182.83+4.21
Coping with Privacy RisksEN(77)5-1038181.83+4.19
Fashion MagazinesEN(58)5-1039176.51+4.17
Procrastination and Emotion BeliefsEN(37)10-1540174.93+4.15
Champagne consumptionEN(83)3-541174.70+4.13
Luxury brands advertisingEN(33)3-742171.20+4.11
Apartment and Unit DefectsEN(49)4-843170.82+4.09
Opions on ChinatownEN(61)3-644170.51+4.07
Online Gambling MarketingEN(2)5-845166.01+4.05
'Locked-down' EmployeesEN(13)7-946159.58+4.03
Plastic package replacementsEN(89)3-447157.39+4.01
You Had To Be ThereEN(8)4-82×A$ 25 e.g....48154.59+3.99
Personality and InformationEN(16)15-2049152.58+3.97
Personality effects on learningEN(12)10-1550149.68+3.95
French Artisan BakeryEN(9)3-551147.46+3.90
Targeted Content AlgorithmsEN(11)9-1252146.79+3.85
Cybersecurity AttitudesEN(160)3-4

0.10 €

Prevención de cáncer cervicouterinoES(6)5-10

1.00 €

1×5 € Amazon54134.91+3.75
Why women wear what: clothing & youEN(23)13-1555134.80+3.70
Child emotional abuse and neglectEN(21)10-1556130.83+3.65
Challenges Indian Emigrants FaceEN(5)3-757129.51+3.60
Student EngagementEN(19)10-1558127.28+3.55
Formula 1 SprintsEN(71)5-659125.14+3.50
Vendor EngagementEN(8)4-560119.00+3.45
Is giving better than receiving?EN(2)7-1061118.65+3.40
Long Distance RelationshipsEN(15)8-1162112.55+3.35
Support and Addiction RecoveryEN(3)20-253×CA$ 50 e.g....63107.81+3.30
Itinerary preferencesEN(60)3-564107.73+3.25
Laughter Intervention StudyEN(2)55-6065103.40+3.20
Leaders and their Emotional SkillsEN(5)10-152×30 AUD eGift...66102.84+3.15
Spatial Word AssociationsEN(1)15-2067101.93+3.10
Event Management EducationEN(1)4-868101.01+3.05
ASMR and subjective sleep qualityEN(2)55-6069100.89+3.00
Literature Review SimplifiedEN(94)3-470100.46+2.95
Cryptocurrency BehaviourEN(44)4-871100.00+2.90
Level Up! LGBTQ+ GamingEN(13)20-252×CA$ 100 Amazon7299.13+2.85
UK Housing SurveyEN(54)4-8


Client Relationship with TherapistEN(2)15-207494.55+2.75
Young People And Internet SlangEN(57)5-107594.36+2.70
Fund management under riskEN(20)3-57691.15+2.67
Mental Health SurveyEN(9)5-107789.67+2.64
Imposter SyndromeEN(8)20-257888.13+2.61
La penicilina, el transistorEN(4)6-117986.81+2.58
Music, Emotion and MemoryEN(5)15-208086.77+2.55
Parenting and COVID-19EN(13)10-158184.67+2.52
Robots in the HomeEN(4)8-138284.49+2.49
Moods and cognitive flexibilityEN(8)20-258382.88+2.46
Langues en AlsaceFR(2)17-228482.81+2.43
Traditional vs Digital MarketingEN(1)10-158582.65+2.40
Reward and Employee MotivationEN(0)3-58681.80+2.37
Marques écoresponsablesFR(2)3-5

0.15 €

(Video) Caterpillars Count! -- how to participate

Medication AppEN(20)3-58881.73+2.31
Medication AppEN(0)3-58979.19+2.28
Consumers' use of Mobile AREN(8)10-119078.75+2.25
Food choice decisionsEN(12)6-109178.18+2.22
Attitudes toward DiseasesEN(4)7-109277.79+2.19
Presales Activities and KnowledgeEN(4)10-159377.45+2.16
Eco-sustainable packagingEN(15)5-69477.21+2.13
Green Cosmetics Brand AttitudeEN(12)5-109576.64+2.10
Physical Exercise and WellbeingEN(26)20-219674.26+2.07
Factors influencing driver behaviorEN(13)15-209774.08+2.04
Finding delays in constructionEN(0)4-82×£20 Amazon,...9873.05+2.01
Pathways to Discipline StrategiesEN(5)15-209970.75+1.98
Attention, Cognition and SleepEN(9)10-1510069.70+1.95
Pandemic petsEN(19)5-610168.61+1.93
Online Parent Support GroupsEN(6)3-510267.41+1.91
User Behavior: 'Plant Parenting'EN(34)3-410464.95+1.87
Cooperation and use of emoticonsEN(13)9-1010564.93+1.85
Gender-based violence and the mediaEN(9)15-2010664.88+1.83
AI system for employee trainingEN(1)3-510764.68+1.81
Youth Mental HealthEN(12)3-51×US$ 150 Amazon10864.61+1.79
Critical analysisEN(17)5-610962.74+1.77
Business Networking and LonelinessEN(3)25-3011061.12+1.75
About Medical insurance opinionES(0)5-1011159.18+1.73
Perception of Irish English AccentEN(11)3-611258.73+1.71
Caring for chronic diseasesEN(12)5-102×US$ 10 Amazon11357.89+1.69
Packaging for Insect Energy BarsEN(2)3-4

CA$ 0.10

Body-Fat and Eating AttitudesEN(21)15-2011556.86+1.65
12-steps & PsychedelicsEN(0)20-25


Animated and Interactive ChartsEN(6)3-411755.31+1.61
Lexical HierarchyEN(2)10-1511854.26+1.59
I-ORCA Menopause in the WorkplaceEN(0)15-2011954.18+1.57
Cloud Technology in BusinessEN(5)8-1312053.91+1.55
What's The Most Important Tech RoleEN(6)3-41×CA$ 25 Amazon12153.74+1.53
Beliefs and pro-environmentalismEN(6)5-712253.59+1.51
Productivity and workspaceEN(14)5-1012353.59+1.49
Pet contact and childrenEN(0)15-20


Bilingualism & Critical ThinkingEN(3)15-2012553.10+1.45
Attachment & Well-beingEN(10)5-712652.08+1.44
Filipino Mothers During PandemicEN(0)10-1512752.05+1.44
Hand dominance and reaction timeEN(21)3-512851.54+1.44
Design for social goodEN(12)5-712950.82+1.44
Online Food DeliveriesEN(14)3-7


Social/University Experiences & VREN(6)15-201×£5013149.21+1.43
Emozioni e ambiente digitaleIT(1)7-913245.98+1.43
Luxury and Augmented Reality (AR)EN(4)5-1013345.91+1.43
Adolescent eating behavioursEN(0)10-1515×£20 One4All13445.13+1.43
Reward and CreativityEN(10)5-1013544.98+1.43
Impact of ParentificationEN(1)9-1213644.70+1.42
AR Adoption in Fashion E-CommerceEN(11)10-1513743.99+1.42
Response Particles in Farsi??(3)30-3513843.54+1.42
Environmental BehaviourEN(5)10-1213942.74+1.42
Women's Job Search DynamicsEN(14)15-2014041.13+1.42
Grad Students & Job SatisfactionEN(9)10-1514140.79+1.41
Baked goods reformulationEN(1)15-2010×£50 Amazon14240.26+1.41
Employability skillsEN(4)8-1314339.77+1.41
Egocentrism Trait SurveyEN(19)6-814439.68+1.41
Transportation's environment impactEN(1)3-414539.52+1.41
Software Quality EnhancementEN(1)7-1014638.43+1.40
Belonging and Thriving on CampusesEN(6)15-2014738.06+1.40
Moral Values and Climate ChangeEN(0)10-15


Risk management in renewable energyEN(7)3-614937.56+1.40
Financial advisor influenceEN(0)8-1315037.22+1.40
Does Skincare Matter to You?EN(45)3-415135.76+1.39
Interaction between AI and medicineEN(4)3-415235.58+1.39
Gender stereotypes and coachingEN(1)10-1515335.15+1.39
UX & digital product's structureEN(2)5-715434.97+1.39
Sustainable ConstructionEN(0)5-1015534.33+1.39
Gen Z and beauty short-form videosEN(5)7-815633.83+1.38
Scientific CommunicationEN(7)7-1015733.60+1.38
Young consumers' buying behaviourEN(7)4-815832.27+1.38
AI/Automation in ConstructionEN(0)3-415931.60+1.38
Headphone Brands on TikTokEN(0)13-1816031.12+1.38
L2 Pragmatic AssessmentEN(9)20-2516130.66+1.37
Colours and sustainable marketingEN(6)5-1016230.49+1.37
Self Awareness & Opinion of LifeEN(5)5-1016330.30+1.37
EV charging habits & thoughtsEN(11)3-416429.15+1.37
Consumer shopping perspectivesEN(2)4-716529.09+1.37
Self-Perceptions and DisordersEN(8)20-2516628.50+1.36
Online Advertising ScamsEN(15)3-716727.88+1.36
La RSE sur les réseaux sociauxFR(1)4-81×10 € Amazon16827.48+1.36
Sleep Disorders & CVDEN(1)15-2016927.32+1.36
Existential anxietyEN(1)4-817026.10+1.36
Employees' Intention to Use AIEN(0)5-617125.60+1.35
Study on wellbeing and religionEN(5)20-25

0.10 €

Virtual Canine StudyEN(6)8-1317324.99+1.35
Fashion in the MetaverseEN(5)5-1017424.68+1.35
Investing decision makingEN(11)6-112×£25 Amazon17524.52+1.34
Work-life Balance and Well-beingEN(3)5-617624.47+1.34
Healthcare InsightsEN(5)5-101×US$ 15 Amazon17724.26+1.34
Social robotsEN(5)9-1017824.12+1.34
Moral Judgmentn & Juror JudgmentEN(10)9-1217924.00+1.34
Effect of food labels on choicesEN(2)10-1218023.80+1.33
Diffusion of fashion brandsEN(7)5-818123.66+1.33
Money ManagementEN(4)3-518223.23+1.33
Popular Celebrities & Car BrandsEN(2)3-518323.18+1.33
RISE studyEN(5)10-1518422.73+1.33
Pattern DesignEN(5)3-518522.48+1.32
Health TourismEN(22)3-41×US$ 10 Coin or...18622.10+1.32
Celebrity endorsementEN(9)3-618722.07+1.32
Recommendation SatisfactionEN(7)3-418821.80+1.32
Engaging with NFTsEN(6)5-1018921.21+1.32
Le marketing d'influenceFR(7)5-619021.12+1.31
Smart Speaker StudyEN(4)3-619120.92+1.31
Mental Health in StudentsEN(26)3-519220.86+1.31
Facial Sheet Masks SurveyEN(5)3-5


NFT MarketplaceEN(4)3-419420.57+1.31
Employee silenceEN(8)5-819520.54+1.30
Influencers in decision-makingEN(3)5-719620.45+1.30
Dietary lifestyle of young adultsEN(8)5-1019720.42+1.30
Sustainable ParentingEN(1)10-1519820.13+1.30
Leadership & AltruismEN(2)7-8

US$ 5.00

Noodles Nest - Tagline SuggestionsEN(6)3-420019.59+1.29
Assessing Risk In Real EstateEN(1)3-420119.59+1.29
Your opinion on purse designsEN(19)3-420219.23+1.29
Romantic Breakups & Personal GrowthEN(1)15-2020×US$ 15 Amazon20319.07+1.29
Social and Digital InfluenceEN(4)15-2020418.72+1.29
Police and Technology AffordancesEN(0)20-2520518.52+1.28
ADHD & Schizotypy in StudentsEN(2)20-252×£50 Amazon20618.05+1.28
IT dans la transformationFR(9)3-41×5 € Amazon20717.97+1.28
Bank Digital TransformationEN(1)3-420817.96+1.28
Elders Helping Elders CaregivingEN(0)45-4620917.00+1.27
Usability of e-commercePT(1)3-821016.99+1.27
Humor and negotiation outcomesFR(1)3-421116.61+1.27
Fast Fashion and SustainabilityEN(1)10-1521216.55+1.27
Car Maintenance Research SurveyEN(2)3-521316.20+1.27
Islamic children's book perceptionsEN(0)5-1021415.15+1.26
Does Flow Predict Resilience?EN(3)10-152×30 AUD...21515.12+1.26
Psychopathology and personalityEN(0)10-1521614.63+1.26
Lifestyle & Cognitive MemoryEN(0)30-3521714.54+1.26
Instagram ads for headphonesEN(0)7-1021814.48+1.26
Teen STEM Self ImageEN(0)7-91×US$ 50 Amazon21913.98+1.25
Greenspace and academic stressEN(1)15-20


Attitudes to baby carriersEN(5)3-422113.90+1.25
Music Business Industry WellbeingEN(0)5-922213.80+1.25
Leadership AssessmentEN(0)4-522313.73+1.25
Employee wellbeing & performanceEN(4)3-422413.64+1.24
Career CounsellingEN(8)5-722513.63+1.24
Fake news and disinformationEN(11)3-522612.76+1.24
Study on UK Covid campaignsEN(0)5-922712.48+1.24
Sustainable FashionEN(4)4-522812.38+1.24
Ukrainian refugeesEN(0)14-188×£25 Amazon22912.22+1.23
Understanding parents' experiencesEN(3)15-2023011.62+1.23
Indagine sugli acquisti nella modaIT(0)3-423111.60+1.23
Equine nutrition course developmentEN(0)5-823211.47+1.23
Decision-making in the pandemic eraEN(8)7-101×US$ 5 2023311.46+1.23
External factors & the netEN(5)4-523410.38+1.22
Working hours and well-beingEN(3)3-423510.25+1.22
Green Human Resource ManagementEN(3)5-1023610.20+1.22
Social Media & FilmsEN(5)3-423710.14+1.22
Learning EnglishEN(11)3-623810.00+1.22
Digital LiteracyEN(1)3-623910.00+1.21
Analyzing competition intensityEN(3)4-624010.00+1.21
The Role of Locus-of-HopeEN(0)10-155×cash24110.00+1.21
Latinx Educational LeadersEN(0)10-1524210.00+1.21
Trastorno por Juego en InternetES(0)20-252439.92+1.20
Projeto de Pesquisa MBA USP/EsalqPT(3)3-52449.89+1.20
Early word learning in toddlersEN(0)20-252459.80+1.20
Foreign College Students BelongingEN(4)3-52469.66+1.20
Working from home vs the officeEN(5)10-15

0.10 €

Easing the Transition from CollegeEN(1)10-152489.54+1.19
Companion dog ownersEN(2)10-152499.46+1.19
Perception of 'RuPay ON-THE-GO'EN(0)10-152509.25+1.19
Workplace ergonomicsEN(1)3-42519.22+1.19
Leadership Differences & GenderEN(4)10-152529.15+1.19
The use of AR in IndiaEN(3)10-112539.00+1.18
Learning Through InfotainmentEN(0)10-152548.94+1.18
Conspicuous ConsumptionEN(3)6-92558.88+1.18
Privacy Vs ConvenienceEN(0)5-102568.86+1.18
Relationship SurveyEN(1)10-152578.58+1.18
Under the Sea on LandEN(5)3-82587.96+1.17
Will I See My Crush Again?EN(3)3-42597.70+1.17
Culture on interpersonal relationsEN(4)25-302607.50+1.17
Business TechnologyEN(0)5-81×US$ 25 Amazon2617.21+1.17
Online learning on student burnoutEN(5)10-152627.04+1.17
Web design no setor de vestuárioPT(1)3-42637.00+1.16
Restaurant industry & social mediaEN(6)3-52646.85+1.16
Body Image and Touch PerceptionEN(4)5-82656.80+1.16
Investigating supplier contractsEN(0)7-102666.74+1.16
Entrepreneurship SurveyEN(0)4-61×20 € Amazon2675.80+1.16
Volontariato e tassazioneIT(0)9-142685.72+1.15
Physical symptoms and resilienceEN(4)10-152695.71+1.15
Public Transit App SurveyEN(5)3-42705.67+1.15
Relationships and WellbeingEN(7)20-212715.62+1.15
Imagini, stele și percepțieRO(0)5-92725.54+1.15
Survey on NintendoEN(0)3-42735.40+1.14
Brands in the MetaverseEN(9)3-52745.40+1.14
Buying behaviourEN(0)3-42755.30+1.14
Effect of Biases on Tech WorkersEN(0)5-82765.30+1.14
Attachment style and Covid-19EN(0)10-152775.12+1.13
Entertainment preferencesEN(8)3-52785.10+1.13
Étude consommation produit naturelFR(3)3-52795.10+1.13
Autism and physical activityEN(1)4-92804.80+1.13
Réception du graffiti par le publicFR(0)3-52814.72+1.13
Parenting styles, Schemas, BPDEN(0)25-302824.69+1.12
Loyalty towards clothing brandsEN(0)4-62834.54+1.12
Designing Job Finder AppsEN(5)3-62844.46+1.12
Stakeholders in IoTEN(1)5-102854.37+1.12
Cannabis Habits SurveyEN(5)3-42864.35+1.12
Job inheritanceEN(1)7-82874.25+1.11
Product-based companiesEN(4)3-52884.17+1.11
Film TourismEN(7)3-42893.95+1.11
Motivation and AttitudeEN(0)10-152903.80+1.11
Substance Use Motives in ADHDEN(4)9-122913.71+1.11
Long Covid in rugby playersEN(3)15-202923.65+1.10
Consumer Buying Behaviour PatternEN(2)3-42933.55+1.10
Augmented RealityEN(5)3-42943.35+1.10
Intimate partner cyberstalkingEN(0)10-152953.05+1.10
Loyalty reward schemesEN(9)3-41×£5 Amazon2962.54+1.10
Harry potter influenced travelEN(5)5-62972.05+1.09
Urban farms for food securityEN(3)8-102982.00+1.09
Accounting in start-ups and SMEsEN(0)3-42992.00+1.09
Sense of Self and COVID-19EN(1)45-503001.89+1.09
Diversity in MotorsportEN(1)4-53011.87+1.09
Social Media & Targeted AdvertisingEN(0)5-63021.44+1.08
Perfectionism in the WorkplaceEN(3)15-20


(Video) Digital Marketing Competition – Nanyang Technological University

Experiences of video pornographyEN(2)10-153041.36+1.08
Diet type, memory and attentionEN(3)10-153051.27+1.08
La confusion au travailFR(1)3-53061.26+1.08
Workplace Health Promotion ResearchEN(0)6-83071.14+1.07
Ball Launcher for Dog OwnersEN(6)3-43081.00+1.07
Entrepreneurial Cognitive StylesEN(4)10-153091.00+1.07
Facial Appearance and CriminalityEN(2)40-453101.00+1.07
Employee MotivationEN(5)5-63111.00+1.06
LED screens outside homes for adsEN(8)3-41×US$ 20 Amazon3121.00+1.06
Impact of work on college studentsEN(2)3-43131.00+1.06
How people feel about themselves?EN(0)20-253141.00+1.06
Pedal Pub ToursEN(3)10-153151.00+1.06
Medical visits surveyEN(1)5-81×US$ 25 Amazon3160.00+1.05
Productive environmentsEN(49)3-63170.00+1.05
Managing Emotions at UniversityEN(3)35-403180.00+1.05
Outdoor learningEN(12)3-43190.00+1.05
Perception of Speech TherapyEN(8)20-253200.00+1.05
How Detailed is Your Syntax?EN(10)25-303210.00+1.04
Latina/o SpiritualityEN(5)8-103220.00+1.04
Sustained attention and breaksEN(11)20-253230.00+1.04
Wedding SurveyEN(38)4-83240.00+1.04
Mindful Organizational AssessmentEN(5)7-123250.00+1.04
Smoking vs Death RatesEN(7)3-73260.00+1.03
Social Media in the ClassroomEN(6)3-43270.00+1.03
Stimulants, Caffeine, and ADHDEN(5)20-253280.00+1.03
Career preparedness after schoolEN(11)5-65×CA$ 20 Amazon3290.00+1.03
Victimisation ExperiencesEN(1)15-203300.00+1.03
Impact of information on memoryEN(0)10-153310.00+1.02
Rethinking nonprofitsEN(1)3-5

US$ 1.00

Modular fashionEN(8)3-43330.00+1.02
Research on Instagram brand adsEN(1)5-93340.00+1.02
Maasive Open Online CoursesEN(0)3-83350.00+1.02
Formazione di impressioniIT(0)15-203360.00+1.01
Corporate rebranding strategyEN(6)3-43370.00+1.01
Predictors of Cyber Dating AbuseEN(5)10-153380.00+1.01
Attitudes of virtual influencersEN(9)5-103390.00+1.01
Traumatic impact of the Ukraine WarDK(0)4-53400.00+1.01
Generation Z in workplaceEN(1)5-63410.00+1.00
Covid-19, grades and mental healthEN(0)5-103420.00+1.00
The survey about Gen ZEN(2)5-103430.00+1.00
Interpersonal relationshipsEN(3)30-313440.00+1.00
Comprehending ComprehensionEN(0)10-153450.00+1.00
Sustainability and SMEsEN(0)4-83460.00+1.00
African American Males in Higher EdEN(0)3-53470.00+1.00
The effects of photo manipulationEN(4)5-103480.00+1.00
The impact of cybersecurityEN(0)3-43490.00+1.00
Work-Life Balance & Work From HomeEN(3)5-103×US$ 50 Amazon3500.00+1.00
Instagram Design FeedbackEN(3)15-203510.00+1.00
Behaviour of online shoppersEN(0)3-43520.00+1.00
Digitalization in the WorkplaceEN(1)15-203530.00+1.00
Flight ticket bookingEN(5)3-53540.00+1.00
Employee MotivationEN(7)3-43550.00+1.00
Feelings about terrorism in the UKEN(4)3-63560.00+1.00
Thumbprint login to servicesEN(5)5-73570.00+1.00
Inclusion of students with ASDEN(0)3-53580.00+1.00
Gender stereotyping in advertisingEN(2)5-103590.00+1.00
Questionnaire quantitatifFR(4)3-43600.00+1.00
Project Risk Management PracticesEN(0)3-43610.00+1.00
Hva påvirker forbrukerbeslutninger??(0)5-103620.00+1.00
Language LearningEN(0)20-25

US$ 0.10

Pet Dog Professionals' MarketingEN(0)10-153640.00+1.00
Career decision self-efficacyEN(0)10-153650.00+1.00
Sourd et malentendant au muséeFR(0)5-103660.00+1.00
Online fashion shoppingEN(0)3-43670.00+1.00
UK tourism post Covid-19EN(0)3-43680.00+1.00
Employee Wellbeing and Remote WorkEN(8)5-103690.00+1.00
BNPL when shopping onlineEN(8)3-53700.00+1.00
Goal SettingEN(0)5-103710.00+1.00
Mobile health for chronic headachesEN(8)3-43720.00+1.00
Motivations for high-risk sportEN(3)3-43730.00+1.00
Study on Employee RetentionEN(0)5-73740.00+1.00
Selfies' effect on self-esteemEN(1)8-103750.00+1.00
Metaverse Fashion Magazine SurveyEN(5)3-43760.00+1.00
Cyber-Risk PerceptionEN(1)3-43770.00+1.00
Car Rental Website SurveyEN(2)3-43780.00+1.00
Customer Service PreferencesEN(0)3-41×US$ 100 Amazon3790.00+1.00
Digital Assets CustodialEN(0)3-53800.00+1.00
Face Impression FormationsEN(2)10-152×A$ 25 Anystore3810.00+1.00
Page Builder SurveyEN(1)5-63820.00+1.00
Stress on HR professionals in SpainES(3)3-43830.00+1.00
Data Fabric Emp XP QsEN(0)10-153840.00+1.00
Gaming with InfluencersEN(0)3-43850.00+1.00
Incentivizing mental healthEN(7)5-63860.00+1.00
Personality & Impulsive BuyingEN(5)3-73870.00+1.00
Tourette & social functioningEN(0)20-253880.00+1.00
Live Streaming ShoppingEN(0)3-83890.00+1.00
Game Based LearningEN(0)8-93900.00+1.00
Electric bikes surveyEN(3)3-43910.00+1.00
Green Marketing & ConsumersEN(8)3-6

0.10 €

Music Festival LoyaltyEN(0)3-73930.00+1.00
Online purchasing behaviourEN(1)5-71×30 pounds3940.00+1.00
Personal Finance SurveyEN(0)10-151×US$ 20 Amazon3950.00+1.00
Efficacy of Multiple Sclerosis AppEN(0)15-203960.00+1.00
Loneliness among the oldEN(3)3-53970.00+1.00
Perceptions of a healthy bodyEN(4)5-63980.00+1.00
Designing a concert ticketing appEN(0)15-203990.00+1.00
Speciale om shitstormsDK(0)5-104000.00+1.00
Transformation digitaleFR(0)5-104010.00+1.00
Work from HomeEN(0)15-164020.00+1.00
Credera Gen Z Talent ExperienceEN(1)3-54030.00+1.00
Work-family conflict & mindfulnessEN(0)5-104040.00+1.00
Post Grad University LifeEN(0)10-154050.00+1.00
Predicting binge-watchingEN(0)15-204060.00+1.00
Attitudes Towards RelationshipsEN(1)20-25


Knowledge videos on YouTubeEN(1)5-104080.00+1.00
Renting greenEN(0)5-104090.00+1.00
How sustainable is your bar?EN(0)3-44100.00+1.00
Finance app featuresEN(0)3-44110.00+1.00
Projet sur les habitudes culturelleFR(3)3-54120.00+1.00
Impact of Workplace FlexibilityEN(0)10-15

US$ 0.10

Impact of AR on fashion in the UKEN(13)10-154140.00+1.00
Croatia as a brandEN(5)5-104150.00+1.00
CrossFit in PhysiotherapyEN(0)5-64160.00+1.00
Chinese second language acquisitionEN(0)20-25

US$ 1.00

All-Inclusive Holiday Food BoxEN(5)3-54180.00+1.00
Corporate CitizenshipEN(0)5-104190.00+1.00
Daily IssuesEN(3)3-44200.00+1.00
The complexity of cultureEN(2)8-104210.00+1.00
Crypto wallet user experienceEN(0)3-44220.00+1.00
Emotional IntelligenceEN(12)3-54230.00+1.00
Instagram Content CreationEN(4)3-54240.00+1.00
Mass adoption of cryptocurrencyEN(0)3-54250.00+1.00
Digital transformation in firmsEN(0)4-5


In-store Virtual AssistantsEN(1)5-74270.00+1.00
Student's ability to handle stressEN(3)10-154280.00+1.00
Microservices AdoptionEN(0)5-81×US$ 50 Amazon4290.00+1.00
Personality traits, DASS, HEXACOEN(0)5-104300.00+1.00
Human Resources and HealthcareEN(4)4-54310.00+1.00
Digital WalletEN(4)3-44320.00+1.00
Virtual PhysiotherapyEN(5)3-64330.00+1.00
Dietary supplement behavioursEN(4)5-84340.00+1.00
P2P business modelEN(0)3-44350.00+1.00
Impact of sport and fitnessEN(3)3-44360.00+1.00
HR and software developmentEN(0)3-44370.00+1.00
Childhood experiences in ASDEN(2)20-254380.00+1.00
Behaviors Associated with ExerciseEN(4)4-54390.00+1.00
Sustainable skincareEN(3)5-84400.00+1.00
Impact of experiential advertisingEN(1)7-104410.00+1.00
Reliability of Eyewitness TestimonyEN(3)5-104420.00+1.00
Fitness TrackersEN(3)6-74430.00+1.00
Gen Y and employment rewardsEN(0)8-104440.00+1.00
Eye Movement DesensitizationEN(0)15-164450.00+1.00
Online Furniture Rental in IndiaEN(4)4-54460.00+1.00
Sport Consumption BehavioursEN(3)4-74470.00+1.00
Influences of Vaccine HesitancyEN(5)20-251×£50 Love2Shop4480.00+1.00
Appli mobileFR(0)3-44490.00+1.00
Smart Splash Guards for Hand DryersEN(0)3-44500.00+1.00
Facebook Consumption and DepressionEN(5)3-44510.00+1.00
Consumer behavior on toothpasteEN(2)15-164520.00+1.00
Fast moving consumer goodsEN(0)15-164530.00+1.00
Handedness and IdentityEN(6)10-154540.00+1.00
Organizational Culture in StartupsEN(0)10-154550.00+1.00
Zarządzanie marką osobistąPL(0)5-104560.00+1.00
Ethical consumerism surveyEN(2)3-44570.00+1.00
Impact of Digital MarketingEN(2)5-104580.00+1.00
Contactless Payment in F&B IndustryEN(0)3-54590.00+1.00
Social media & celebrity endorsersEN(0)10-124600.00+1.00
Music streaming industryEN(2)3-44610.00+1.00
Co-op tech logo redesign surveyEN(2)3-44620.00+1.00
Ride-share AdvertisingEN(4)3-44630.00+1.00
Lean Strategic Facility ManagementEN(3)5-101×£50 Amazon4640.00+1.00
Thoughts and experiences on MusicEN(5)55-604650.00+1.00
Positioning Strategy for RestaurantEN(0)3-54660.00+1.00
Social Media on Branding StrategyEN(0)3-41×£5 Amazon4670.00+1.00
Social Commerce on Instagram StoresEN(2)6-94680.00+1.00
Research ParticipationEN(3)3-54690.00+1.00
Práctica Basada en EvidenciaES(0)15-164700.00+1.00
Pandemic's impact on young peopleEN(0)5-104710.00+1.00
Impact of digital content marketingEN(3)3-44720.00+1.00
Global Economic Decision-making??(0)5-104730.00+1.00
Risk preferences within gamblingEN(4)5-104740.00+1.00
Effect of exposure to mediaEN(1)5-74750.00+1.00
Digitalisation and ExportingEN(0)3-51×25 € Amazon...4760.00+1.00
Measuring Investor BehaviourEN(4)10-152×£25 Amazon4770.00+1.00
How stress is influencedEN(4)9-124780.00+1.00
Personality & Parenting StylesEN(1)20-251×£50 Amazon4790.00+1.00
Music listening habitsEN(3)5-64800.00+1.00
Virtual try-on technologyEN(2)5-104810.00+1.00
CSR and customer loyaltyEN(0)3-54820.00+1.00
Pain and EmpathyEN(6)5-74830.00+1.00
Healthy supplementsEN(5)55-564840.00+1.00
Consumer perception of bakery itemsEN(0)55-564850.00+1.00
Consumer perception of noodlesEN(0)55-564860.00+1.00
Perception of mobile phonesEN(0)55-564870.00+1.00
Design and Development of an appEN(0)20-254880.00+1.00
Emotional Intelligence in WorkplaceEN(2)10-131×£25 Amazon4890.00+1.00
Consumer responses to sales slogans??(0)5-104900.00+1.00
Working Women's Job SatisfactionEN(0)10-154910.00+1.00
Acceptance of Technology in A&EEN(3)3-44920.00+1.00
Notebooks & consumer perceptionsEN(0)55-564930.00+1.00
Stress and scienceEN(2)10-154940.00+1.00
Perception of hotel foodsEN(0)55-564950.00+1.00
Consumer behavior in pharmaEN(1)5-81×100 € amazon4960.00+1.00
Art eCommerceEN(0)3-54970.00+1.00
Gen Z Work PreferencesEN(1)5-104980.00+1.00
Investigación de comportamientoES(3)3-64990.00+1.00
Generational DebtEN(0)3-45000.00+1.00
Islamic Financial Services BoardEN(0)3-85010.00+1.00
Attitudes towards private labelsDK(1)6-95020.00+1.00
Construction companies surveyEN(0)25-305030.00+1.00
Flux d'information et performanceFR(0)8-105040.00+1.00
Financial Decision MakingEN(0)3-45050.00+1.00
Mobile location based advertisingEN(2)10-135060.00+1.00
Perception of re-offendingEN(2)5-75070.00+1.00
Problem SolvingEN(3)3-45080.00+1.00
Who choses what we wear?EN(9)5-105090.00+1.00
Game DevelopmentEN(2)5-105100.00+1.00
Football BettingEN(3)3-55110.00+1.00
LVMH luxury productsEN(4)8-105120.00+1.00
Digital Marketing TrendsEN(0)7-105130.00+1.00
Mental health help-seekingEN(0)10-155140.00+1.00
Reading People and SituationsEN(1)45-505150.00+1.00
Video game revenue modelsEN(7)3-45160.00+1.00
Forint vagy Euro???(0)3-4

0.10 €

Study about short-term memoryEN(3)3-55180.00+1.00
Mental health of immigrantsEN(2)10-115×US$ 25 Visa5190.00+1.00
What product should I make?EN(3)3-45200.00+1.00
TikTok live streaming shoppingEN(3)5-105210.00+1.00
Metaphor preferencesEN(0)8-125220.00+1.00
Abitudini d'acquisto millennialsIT(2)8-115230.00+1.00
Omnichannel customer experienceIT(4)4-55240.00+1.00
Fast fashion industryEN(3)5-65250.00+1.00
Leading skincare brandsEN(3)3-45260.00+1.00
Equity in EducationEN(1)15-201×Swag5270.00+1.00
Breast Size SatisfactionEN(8)5-103×US$ 150 Amazon5280.00+1.00
Sexual objectification in womenEN(2)15-205290.00+1.00
Community pharmacy internshipEN(0)3-75300.00+1.00
The use of chemicalsEN(0)5-65310.00+1.00
Havens HospicesEN(0)3-55320.00+1.00
Hybrid Project ManagementEN(0)3-45330.00+1.00
Digital competencies for seafarersEN(2)20-255340.00+1.00
Médiation culturele en bibliothèqueFR(0)10-155350.00+1.00
Data ownership and surveillanceEN(3)4-75360.00+1.00
Sustainability ManagementEN(1)6-95370.00+1.00
Study Involving MinesweeperEN(1)5-105380.00+1.00
Whale and dolphin-watching tourismEN(1)10-155390.00+1.00
Drone healthcare logisticsEN(0)3-5

0.15 €

Businesses and their revenuesEN(0)3-55410.00+1.00
Golfers' HabitsEN(3)3-45×Golf putting...5420.00+1.00
Time Perspective and AttentionEN(3)15-185430.00+1.00
Research on marital satisfactionEN(2)20-215440.00+1.00
Watches and consumer perceptionEN(0)55-565450.00+1.00
Exercise plans and resultsEN(5)3-45460.00+1.00
Alcohol use in mumsEN(0)12-175470.00+1.00
Gen-Z Work ExpectationsEN(3)5-65480.00+1.00
Evidence-Based Guideline UseEN(0)5-85490.00+1.00
Responses of Service EmployeesEN(2)25-305500.00+1.00
Sustainability: Food Industry MaltaEN(0)15-165510.00+1.00
How's my PI?EN(0)25-302×Apple Ipad5520.00+1.00
Body-Worn Camera Witness StatementsEN(0)25-302×A$ 50 Coles/Myer5530.00+1.00
Sharing your dataEN(0)3-45540.00+1.00
Snack Ordering AppEN(2)3-55550.00+1.00
Experience on Social MediaEN(0)30-35

US$ 10.00

Positive Psychology at WorkEN(1)10-15

0.50 €

(Video) Master Gardeners Present: Christmas Bird Count 2021

Streetwear and resellIT(0)5-105580.00+1.00
Pre-loved luxuryEN(3)7-85590.00+1.00
Dark Events & Youth DesensitizationEN(0)15-205600.00+1.00
Social Media Consumer EngagementEN(0)10-155610.00+1.00
IPhone and Huawei SmartphoneEN(2)10-155620.00+1.00
Streaming apps in MalaysiaEN(0)5-65630.00+1.00
Perceptions of Sexual ConsentEN(0)10-155640.00+1.00
Impact of training about AutismEN(2)40-453×A$ 25 WISH...5650.00+1.00
Parental control appEN(2)3-45660.00+1.00
Organizations and Social ImpactEN(0)8-10


Sustainable Social HousingEN(2)10-155680.00+1.00
Team Dynamics and CoachingEN(1)5-85690.00+1.00
Sexual Health AwarenessEN(0)3-45700.00+1.00
Puberty and First PeriodsEN(2)3-45710.00+1.00
Food labellingEN(4)3-55720.00+1.00
Mood and memoryEN(2)55-605730.00+1.00
Studiare storia oggiIT(0)3-65740.00+1.00
Father Absenteeism & PersonalityEN(3)15-205750.00+1.00
Me Gritaron NegraEN(0)3-75760.00+1.00
Rideshare AppsEN(2)3-55770.00+1.00
Psychiatric Care AccessEN(0)3-45780.00+1.00
Content awareness on social mediaEN(5)3-45790.00+1.00
Perceived barriers and facilitatorsEN(0)10-155800.00+1.00
Media Consumption & Risk PerceptionEN(12)3-43×25 € Amazon5810.00+1.00
Social Media & Mental HealthEN(0)3-55820.00+1.00
Home-working and Covid-19EN(0)15-205830.00+1.00
Domestic hydrogen acceptanceEN(1)10-155840.00+1.00
BIM & VDC in Construction IndustryEN(0)3-4

US$ 0.10

Wiser Concept TestingEN(2)3-45860.00+1.00
Sports fans' view on digital assetsEN(2)5-65870.00+1.00
How to improve work lifeEN(0)7-95880.00+1.00
Collaborative LearningEN(0)3-45890.00+1.00
Organizational Culture & LeadershipEN(2)10-155900.00+1.00
Parents of children with autismEN(0)7-105910.00+1.00
Gen Z LifestyleEN(3)3-45920.00+1.00
New marketing techniquesEN(0)5-65930.00+1.00
Online Food DeliveryEN(2)4-55940.00+1.00
Digital technology implicationsEN(0)4-55950.00+1.00
Physical Activity & Healthy EatingEN(2)10-155960.00+1.00
The Life Of A Pet Store OwnerEN(0)3-55970.00+1.00
Employee commitment and strategyEN(0)5-85980.00+1.00
Pay TV MarketIT(1)15-206×50 € Amazon5990.00+1.00
Music QuestionnaireEN(0)3-76000.00+1.00
Honesty in BusinessEN(2)3-46010.00+1.00
Consciously parenting childrenEN(0)5-76020.00+1.00
Shopping habits on InstagramEN(7)3-56030.00+1.00
Cybersecurity Leadership FrameworkEN(4)9-116040.00+1.00
Influencer TikTok Tutorial EffectsEN(0)10-156050.00+1.00
Branding and value co-creationEN(2)3-56060.00+1.00
Social Media AdvertisementsEN(3)5-76070.00+1.00
An App for Mental Health ServicesEN(3)5-106080.00+1.00
Le regard de l'attaché de presseFR(0)10-156090.00+1.00
Le regard du journalisteFR(3)10-156100.00+1.00
Impact of Phishing of IdentitiesEN(0)3-46110.00+1.00
Effect of brands' digital activismEN(0)3-66120.00+1.00
Consumption of Fast FashionEN(0)3-46130.00+1.00
Influence of Career DecisivenessEN(0)15-206140.00+1.00
Brick Lane Gentrification SurveyEN(0)3-46150.00+1.00
Remote Work and Org. CommitmentEN(0)5-96160.00+1.00
Attachment theory and mental healthEN(0)5-106170.00+1.00
Nightmares and Sleep ParalysisEN(4)3-86180.00+1.00
Environmental BehavioursEN(4)5-66190.00+1.00
Experiential marketingEN(0)3-56200.00+1.00
Brand types and brand loyaltyEN(4)3-56210.00+1.00
Life AttitudesEN(8)3-46220.00+1.00
Nurse Handover SurveyEN(0)3-56230.00+1.00
Role of Emotions in the HCD ProcessEN(1)10-156240.00+1.00
College Student NeedsEN(0)3-46250.00+1.00
Multicultural music educationEN(2)8-96260.00+1.00
How well can you recognise emotionsEN(0)20-256270.00+1.00
The Use of 5G for RoboticsEN(0)8-106280.00+1.00
Decision Making in ConstructionEN(0)5-106290.00+1.00
Opinions on digital receiptsEN(2)5-106300.00+1.00
Women's Views of Spiking CrimesEN(3)10-156310.00+1.00
False memories and SleepEN(1)5-106320.00+1.00
Economic and Social CrisisEN(6)3-46330.00+1.00
Artist QuestionnaireEN(0)5-106340.00+1.00
The Impact of Green HRMEN(0)3-56350.00+1.00
Perceived Risk & Purchase IntentionEN(0)4-55×P200 Gcash6360.00+1.00
Foreign college students in PHEN(0)3-56370.00+1.00
Women and EntrepreneurshipEN(7)3-56380.00+1.00
Crime Perceptions SurveyEN(6)3-56390.00+1.00
Organizational Design & Gender GapsEN(2)7-106400.00+1.00
Exploring Predictors of SinglehoodEN(3)5-106410.00+1.00
Caring for OthersEN(3)3-56420.00+1.00
Teen girls with depressionEN(0)3-46430.00+1.00
Intentional DatingEN(0)45-506440.00+1.00
Bus App User ExperienceEN(1)5-66450.00+1.00
Seguro de Gastos MédicosES(3)8-106460.00+1.00
Waste Management at HomeEN(7)3-46470.00+1.00
Experiences of Foreign StudentsEN(0)4-56480.00+1.00
Plant-based Meat Consumer SurveyEN(7)5-106490.00+1.00
Emotional branding effectsEN(2)4-56500.00+1.00
Social Media MarketingEN(0)3-46510.00+1.00
Sustainable product line extensionsEN(2)3-86520.00+1.00
Ship Mooring System SurveyEN(0)3-46530.00+1.00
Play Equipment EfficacyEN(0)15-206540.00+1.00
Quality of life in long CovidEN(3)25-306550.00+1.00
Effects of IncarcerationEN(0)12-166560.00+1.00
Values in a carEN(2)4-56570.00+1.00
Air Quality InterviewEN(1)3-56580.00+1.00
Cannabis and Work IVEN(0)5-66590.00+1.00
Remote Work and AutonomyEN(5)12-176600.00+1.00
Gamification, PA, and wellbeingEN(5)5-106610.00+1.00
Professional interviewsEN(6)3-56620.00+1.00
Gamification FeaturesEN(6)3-56630.00+1.00
Celebrity endorsementEN(1)3-46640.00+1.00
Apparel Shopping HabitsEN(1)3-46650.00+1.00
Motivation in Long-term ProjectsEN(1)4-56660.00+1.00
Purchase Intention & FashionEN(1)3-56670.00+1.00
Hospitality Employees' PerceptionEN(3)3-46680.00+1.00
Cyberprivacy risksEN(3)3-46690.00+1.00
Critical Media LiteracyEN(3)3-46700.00+1.00
Brand activismEN(0)4-56710.00+1.00
HR policiesEN(1)55-566720.00+1.00
Mentorship and Career AdvancementEN(0)3-56730.00+1.00
Transgender Identity and AutismEN(1)10-156740.00+1.00
Investigating UPI apps usageEN(3)3-66750.00+1.00
Nursing stress during the pandemicEN(0)10-156760.00+1.00
Leadership style employee engagemenEN(0)15-206770.00+1.00
Selfie Taking and Filter UseEN(1)5-106780.00+1.00
Creativity and WritingEN(2)10-126790.00+1.00
How users trust reviewsEN(0)3-46800.00+1.00
Diseño de un porta llaverosES(0)3-46810.00+1.00
Charity Donor SurveyEN(0)3-56820.00+1.00
Giovani che vivono da soliIT(0)7-106830.00+1.00
Your opinion on headphone adsEN(0)7-106840.00+1.00
CSR and talent managementEN(0)5-76850.00+1.00
Participation in Women's footballEN(0)6-106860.00+1.00
Mental well-being of bank employeesEN(0)10-156870.00+1.00
Perception of GiftednessEN(0)10-1520×US$ 20 Amazon6880.00+1.00
Why do we eat the foods we do?EN(0)8-13


Character Strengths and Job StressEN(0)10-156900.00+1.00
Prcrastination in Flipped ClassesEN(0)5-106920.00+1.00
Green Building PerformanceEN(0)5-66930.00+1.00
Green Building PerformanceEN(0)5-66940.00+1.00
Sondage ClientsFR(0)3-46950.00+1.00
Carbon MeasurementEN(0)5-10


Where can I get free survey responses? ›

In no particular order, here are some channels we suggest:
  • Friends and Family.
  • Facebook Groups.
  • Forums.
  • Slack Groups.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Twitter.
  • People on the Street.
Feb 19, 2020

How do you use SurveyCircle? ›

To find participants through SurveyCircle, you first need to publish your survey in the Survey Ranking. All you need is the link to your survey. Click on Post a Survey and enter the details of your survey. Insert the Survey Code of your survey on the last page of your questionnaire.

Can I use SurveyMonkey for free? ›

SurveyMonkey operates on a freemium business model. This means we allow users to use our most basic tools for free, while designating our more advanced features and resources to our paid plans. We also offer a suite of solutions to help customers do everything from customer satisfaction to manage grant applications.

How do I get respondents for online surveys? ›

Distribute a Survey: Table of Contents
  1. Random Device Engagement.
  2. Share your survey on social media.
  3. Share your survey on your website or blog.
  4. Hire a Market Research Agency.
  5. Send Surveys Via Email.
Apr 7, 2022

How can I get survey responses fast? ›

4 Effective Methods to Increase Your Survey Response Rates
  1. The Main Message: Make Them Feel Special.
  2. Eye on the Prize: Provide Incentives.
  3. Don't Waste Their Time: Keep Surveys Relevant.
  4. Be Top-of-Mind: Offer Surveys in Multiple Channels.
  5. The Bottom Line: The More Accurate Responses, the Better.

Can you post surveys on Reddit? ›

Creating a Reddit Poll is fairly straight-forward: “To post a Poll, Reddit users can simply visit their favorite community, tap the “Create a Post” button and select the Poll option from the tabs. Polls can be open for up to one week, and the end-time must be selected at the time of posting.

How do you get responses from a dissertation survey? ›

7 Ways To Get Respondents for Your Dissertation Survey
  1. Identify who your respondents are. ...
  2. Create a well-designed survey. ...
  3. Send out a personalized invite. ...
  4. Use your mobile device. ...
  5. Maximize your social media. ...
  6. Incentivize your survey. ...
  7. Use online research panels.
Aug 7, 2019

Does Google have a free survey tool? ›

Google Forms is 100% free for anyone with a Google account. You can use it to build as many surveys as you need, ask as many questions as you want, and collect responses from as many people as are willing to take your survey—all without ever paying a dime.

Is Google Forms free for personal use? ›

Google Forms is completely free. Here's how it works: you create form questions though a web browser. When it's complete, you can send the link to friends and colleagues, put the link on a website or embed the form onto a webpage for people to fill out.

Does Google have a survey tool? ›

Get insights quickly, with Google Forms. Easily create and share online forms and surveys, and analyze responses in real-time.


1. Cultural Arts And Public Spaces Advisory Committee (CAPS) - Virtual Meeting - April 23, 2020
(Engaged Citizens: Superior, Colorado)
2. Board of County Commissioners Regular Meeting 5/21/2019, 2:00 PM
(Pinellas County)

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