Circumcision Surgery in Delhi NCR (2023)

Dealing with Balanitis, phimosis, and paraphimosis? Facing Irritations, inflammations, and pain in the foreskin? This can be a serious health concern, Medicines and natural remedies are ineffective in treating certain foreskin-related illnesses. Circumcision is a procedure that is performed to address or prevent penile health issues. Circumcision is a very old religious practice and is still carried out due to its Various Health Advantages.

Foreskin Related Penile Issues can cause extreme face and can be Fatal, hence requiring Urgent Medical Treatment. You will gain a thorough understanding of everything concerning Penile Problems from Best Circumcision treatment, Best Circumcision Surgery to opt for, alongside the Best Circumcision Doctors, in the Best Hospital for Circumcision by reading the contents described on this page.

What is Circumcision?

Circumcision is the surgical process where the excess foreskin on the tip of the penis is removed. It is an ancient practice but is performed with modern innovations to this day. For some families, circumcision is a religious or cultural ritual. Any male individual can be circumcised because of family tradition, personal hygiene, aesthetic purposes, or medical benefits.

Circumcision has gotten easier and more exact as a result of recent developments in circumcision techniques. Previously, the only way to remove the foreskin was through open surgery. Different circumcision operations, such as stapling and laser, are now accessible. Because of the advantages, more people are opting for these surgical methods over open surgery for circumcision.

Get in touch with us to learn more about Circumcision treatment in Delhi NCR, by The Best Circumcision Specialists in Delhi in the Best Circumcision clinic nearby.

When is Circumcision Needed?

Circumcision is done for Various Reasons one, being Religious or Cultural. Some religions like Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc make Circumcision mandatory after the Birth of a Male baby.

Circumcision surgery is also beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Personal Choice
  • Aesthetic Preference
  • Lower risk of sexually Transmitted Diseases

Other Reasons include some of the Foreskin related or Penile Infections, Namely

Phimosis: Phimosis occurs when the foreskin of the penis becomes too tight and difficult to retract. It can form naturally or as a result of scarring, inflammation, or infections. Phimosis can cause an obstruction in the urinary tract, as well as reproductive and sexual problems.

Paraphimosis: Paraphimosis is a condition in which the retracted foreskin of the penis cannot be brought back into its normal position to cover the penis head. This condition is caused by the growth or stiffness of the foreskin. Paraphimosis is a life-threatening urological condition in which blood supply to the glans penis is reduced. If the blood supply to the penis is restricted, the tissues of the penis can die.

Balanitis: Balanitis is characterised by swelling of the glans penis (head of the penis). Balanitis is caused by bacteria, skin, and perspiration accumulating under the foreskin as a result of improper hygiene. The condition is incredibly painful and causes a significant lot of distress.

Balanoposthitis: Balanoposthitis is a condition in which the glans penis and foreskin expand at the same time. It may occur for a variety of causes. A combination of inadequate hygiene and a tight foreskin causes balanoposthitis.

Benefits of Circumcision:

  • Lowered Risks of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Rare chances of Penile Cancer
  • Reduced chances of Urinary Tract Infections
  • Decreased Risks of Cervical Cancer, Other Infections to Sexual Partner
  • Helps aid Personal Hygiene
  • Prevention from Balanitis, Balanoposthitis, Phimosis, Paraphimosis

Diagnosis for Penile Problems

Penile Problems are usually diagnosed with a physical exam and discussion of the symptoms. However, if the doctor needs to make a more thorough diagnosis of the ailment or its underlying cause, he or she may order some additional diagnostic tests, such as

  • Urine tests are used to check for urinary tract infections (UTIs).
  • Swab tests are used to look for microorganisms on the foreskin.
  • Blood and urine tests are used to determine the body's blood sugar levels.

When to See a Doctor for Circumcision?

If you see any of the following symptoms of paraphimosis, you should see a doctor right away.

  • Unable to draw the foreskin back
  • Foreskin Trapped behind the Glans.
  • Penis swollen and inflamed
  • Cleaning under the foreskin is impossible.
  • Underneath the foreskin infections

Phimosis must be handled seriously and treated as soon as possible. Treatment for phimosis is determined by the patient's age, the severity of the disease, and the underlying cause. Doctors recommend circumcision as a permanent treatment for patients with severe or recurrent phimosis. If you have paraphimosis, you should see a doctor about circumcision.

Types of Circumcision Surgery

Laser Circumcision: Laser circumcision is a cutting-edge, minimally invasive circumcision technique. The surgeon cuts the skin using a laser equipment during laser circumcision. The laser energy emitted by the laser equipment precisely slices the foreskin while causing minimal trauma or tissue damage. During the procedure, there is no bleeding, and the patient is expected to recover quickly and without much pain or discomfort.

After laser circumcision, no additional visits or dressings are required. After 1-2 days of rest, the patient can return to his regular life after being discharged from the hospital (this is usually the same day as circumcision). For 3 to 4 weeks after the laser, sexual activity and heavy workouts should be avoided.

Stapler or ZSR Circumcision: A stapler instrument is used to cut the foreskin in a stapler or ZSR circumcision. The operation is most typically performed with third-generation ZSR devices. A stapler or a ZSR circumcision instrument is used to remove the foreskin in one shot during the process.

The stapling device leaves a silicon ring behind after the treatment that falls off on its own after a few days. The silicone ring's goal is to keep the foreskin's sliced layers together until they recover. The silicone ring will fall off naturally after a few days, causing no pain or damage.

Traditional or Conventional Circumcision: To perform circumcision in traditional circumcision surgery, a blade or surgical knife is utilised as the cutting tool. When compared to other less invasive circumcision treatments, the risk of bleeding and complications is higher, and the outcome is lower.

When other circumcision methods aren't possible, circumcision surgeons often resort to this method. The healing period following open circumcision is longer, and it necessitates more postoperative care.

What is the Cost of Circumcision surgery?

A wide range of specialised hospitals and surgeons are available for Circumcision surgery in Delhi NCR. Circumcision Surgery Cost in Delhi NCR depends on the choice of hospital and doctors.

The cost may vary from one person to another due to many following factors:

  • Health condition of the patient
  • Type of hospital
  • Doctor’s consultation fee
  • Post-surgical complications
  • Age of the patient
  • Type of surgery
  • Any lab tests or examination tests
  • Admission fee

Glamyo Health offers the best treatment for circumcision in Delhi NCR for its patients with their world-class services. It delivers hassle-free and affordable elective surgical services to the patients by providing the best skilled and experienced surgeons, the latest advanced technology, complete price transparency, zero-cost financing options, and other administrative support at admission, discharge, and opting insurance to make the journey as pleasant as possible.

Is Circumcision Covered in Insurance?

When other conservative treatment methods have failed to heal the underlying disease and removal of the foreskin is required, a urologist or specialist doctor may propose circumcision. Circumcision surgery may be covered by insurance in such circumstances if the doctor states that it is medically required to cure or prevent the underlying disease from recurring.

So, if you’re concerned about having penile problems and want to maintain proper hygiene, you can contact the health care consultants at Glamyo Health and book an appointment with the expert surgeons for circumcision surgery in Delhi NCR.

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