Cheap Flights from Tel Aviv to Batumi from ₪489 | (TLV - BUS) - KAYAK (2023)

Pros: "The plain... excellent, new and flight friendly"

Cons: "The comfort"

Cons: "More organized boarding. Better service in flight. The flight attendants didn’t come around accept for meals. No water offered and no snacks in the galley as other airlines offer."

Pros: "Nothing was amazing on this flight"

Pros: "I did early check in and got through in 15 minutes including security"

Cons: "No movies"

Cons: "The boarding process is somewhat unorganized."

Pros: "yes"

Pros: "On time!"

Cons: "Food!!"

Cons: "Get more check on agents. Be more efficient with the upgrade bid eponse. Don’t be late!"

Cons: "Smooth, accurate and very enjoyable."

Cons: "Bad service, no drinks offered, hardly any food offered, many kids running in the hallways"

Cons: "The Meal"

Pros: "The staff was accommodating"

Cons: "The seats were crowded and there was practically no entertainment"

Cons: "On time boarding"

Cons: "For international flights every passenger should be allowed to bring one suitcase for free, I am traveling with my children for family of 6 they charge $70 dollars per person and the grand total charges for suitcases came to $350 dollars. Too much and unfair"

Cons: "Regular El Al tickets to Europe include bringing a suitcase. Their website says that "Lite" tickets are charged extra for bringing a suitcase. At the airport I was told that my ticket was "Lite" even though there was no hint of that on the ticket. As a result I had to pay an extra $220 dollars."

Cons: "Seat not good"

Cons: "Everything was good"

Pros: "The blanket provided"

Cons: "More water service since we were not allowed to bring water on the airplane"

Pros: "Crew was amazing. Seats were small. I had middle sear both going and coming back."

Pros: "The crew was ok"

Cons: "The flight was delayed for almost 3 hours while we were already sitting in the airplane"

Cons: "The flight was delayed, crew was not helpful in my cabin, entertainment system was outdated and totally broken at my seat."

Cons: "the food was meh and seating too cramped"

Cons: "El Al office in Tel-Aviv promise for 3 to call back but never happend. I use to fly often with El Al but its never happens before that I need to pay for my suitcase in a regularly flight . shame it's happend now"

Cons: "I may have left my heart in San Francisco, but they left my baggage in Boston!"

Pros: "Boarding process was actually orderly (if you fly El Al from Israel, you know what I mean). The flight was very smooth. The crew was helpful. The other passengers were pleasant!"

Cons: "The seating is very tight, even for an average sized person. The food, while tasty, is hardly health conscious."

Pros: "everything"

Cons: "nothing"

Pros: "Nothing to get imprese"

Cons: "Good attention, standard flight"

Cons: "The online check in wasn't available due to some problem on the website, and they separate my husband and me so we didn't sit together. That is very inconvenient."

Pros: "Nothing."

Cons: "I was told on the airport that I was downgraded from Business to Economy since they overbooked the flight and gave my seat to a crew member. I had to sit separately from my husband, who’s using a walking stick due to a knee injury and thus needs help. The staff treated me poorly and I definitely won’t fly with EL AL ever again."

Pros: "Flight was on time, comfortable, nice movie"

Cons: "2 hr check in time, t.v. didn't work, mechanical issues on flight prompted the flight to turn around and return to tlv. 4 hr delay. Overall a horrible experience."

Pros: "We had a pleasant and smooth flight, but on our return flight (March 1 st) there was a delay of two hours, with no explanation to us the travellers, sitting in the plane!"

Cons: "On our return flight (March 1 st, ) there was a delay of two hours, with no explanation to us the travellers, sitting in the plane!"

Pros: "Free bottle of water + sandwich - on a 2 hour flight. Usually you get no food on many flights these days. Sandwich was Kosher. Choice of chicken or Tuna."

Pros: "The security"

Cons: "The security"

Pros: "The flight was nightmare. They charge me 70$ about the suitcase (just one way) and all the boarding process took more than 3 hours. I will never fly with this company again (no matter how it will cost)"

Pros: "Food and service, fight attendeds were great."

Cons: "Multi media a bit too old"

Pros: "Although the crew was really nice and the food was pretty good it does not make up for the other things that were wrong on the trip"

Cons: "I got a different ticket leaving me stranded and Boston for another 6 hours to my connecting flight to Baltimore why my mother and my sister were on the same flight back to Baltimore after we arrived from Tel Aviv to Boston I had to pay an extra $50 for them to fix their mistake which I just filed a complaint with them about. Knowing how poor their customer service is and how impossible it is to reach them I doubt I will get a refund which I am entitled to given the extremity of the situation being that I was five and a half months pregnant and being left to worry about how I'm getting home to my family and my sick father really irritated me that L all had put us on different flights it wasn't until 15 minutes before boarding that I realized my ticket was not the same as my sisters and my mother had to run to a help desk in order to get any kind of help and what she had to pay another ticketing service $50 for them to change it because my mother would have had to go all the way to gate E from gate D which was on the other side of another building in Boston because Boston is huge Airport I am so frustrated I do not recommend anyone flying with this Airlines not only are there planes ancient and you will be squashed by the person sitting next to you their service is incredibly poor when it comes to helping people get to where they need to be their crew members and such are nice but don't deal with them if you want to hassle with security so badly that you just get so irritated I recommend flying with other airlines any Airline is better than this one and I will not take down this review until they fix there problems with in their Airline they're going to continue losing customers if they continue on this road because no one wants to deal with poor customer service and on top of that poor organization and ruining a family trip that was supposed to be relaxing instead it was a nightmare"

Pros: "הצוות משתדל"

Cons: "מטוס ישן מערכת בידור משנות ה 80 המאוחרות."

Pros: "Flight fine"

Cons: "Flight one hour late for a 50 minute flight. Not good enough."

Cons: "Took 747 for 12 hour flight No wifi or anthing resembling a first run movie, There was essentially 4 options, the best were old tapes of Modern Family TV show. All of this was on a screen the same size as my cell phone Forgot to mention this was on a personally paid business flight. No way ever fly this airline"

Pros: "The flight was good"

Cons: "It was almost 2 hours delayed from the original departure time!!"

Cons: "Old plane Poor quality video and limited choices I''m only 5'6" and I had no leg room Food was barely edible"

Pros: "Extra leg room."

Cons: "Video Screen did not work at seat. So did not have any movie to watch for the entire 10 hours. Paid 99.00 dollars extra to get more leg room, but unfortunately screen did not work."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Security - we were profiled and took 1.5 hours for them to search all our belongings. Tiny seats, no space, old plane, rude staff, terrible food."

Cons: "That the company UP didn't mentioned during reservation that there is an extra fee of 80$ for the luggage!"

Pros: "Security is top notch. The ones questioning you never take their eyes off of you. They are expertly trained to find terrorists. They do what they have to to keep you safe. They board early in order to leave on time. Staff was very attentive."

Cons: "The handle on my aisle is supposed to lift out, but had been damaged, and I could not lift it. Somebody before me yanked out the TV controller from it's wire and it was not fixed.."

Pros: "The service was great Thank you"

Cons: "I purchased a ticket from Thai airways. They are selling for El Al planes. Then after purchase I couldn't make any change because El Al don't use Thai airways booking confirmation and Thai airways are not in control of the plane."

Pros: "ease and convenience of travelling between Israel and Boston."

Cons: "Old, very, very uncomfortable, worn out seats. The seats need to be replaced."

Pros: "Standard service on the plane"

Cons: "So, if you have an idea of when you would like to travel, and you purchase a ticket based on your desired time, BEWARE! Long story short, they decided to assign a different plane to my flight, consisting of less seats, and BOOT ME OUT. I arrived at the airport only to find out that I am leaving well past my original time, with no one able to give a rhyme or reason. Wrong gate printed on the ticket. Complete chaos! IF YOU WANT TO LEAVE AND BE ON TIME, STAY AWAY FROM THIS LIKE A DISEASE."

flight delay there and back. rescheduled the flight a day earlier

check in agent very unpolite

The flight was smooth, the crew were pleasant, This plain had a reclining seats which made the flight comfortable

Very clean and modern, efficient checkin and boarding. Great airline

איחור של שעה בהמראה תורים גדולים בבדלפקים

Pros: "Only that we didn’t crash"

Cons: "Everything!"

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "On line check in, less queues in the check in process"

Pros: "Everything. The staff was amazing, there was so much room on the plane, it was perfect!"

Cons: "I wish the captain translated to English also"

Pros: "Boarding on time. Clean toilet"

Cons: "Bad service Not even giving water when I ask Seat not comfortable"


Cons: "Hello, After I ordered this flight it was canceled by Israir airlines. I was ordering with another company (TK), and I thought that’s my order with Kayak canceled. A few days before the schedule the flights back and my company made a new reservation for me. When I got to airport i understood that I have two reservations, which it’s mean that we payed twice. I don’t know if you can do something about it, but I expect that you will make an effort to give me my money back. Thanks, Itzhak Ashkenazi"

Cons: "No food served unless u buy. No papers were given for visa so had to wait longer at airpirt after landibg."

Pros: "Nothing special"

Cons: "After the purchase via Kayak I found that the Israir site sell that flight fir $100 less. I consider it a fraud. While chat with Kayak (actually, Priceless) staff was easy, communication withIsrair was terrible. Until the check-in in the airport I didn't know whether the price includes sending a checked bag. Nobody was able to tell me this. Moreover, Priceless representative triet to convince me that the price doesn't include checked bag, while it did. So, I would find myself traveling with carry-on only, and that's unjustified. There is no possibility to do onlibe check-in."

Cons: "Huge line , no food , staff not nice , delay . Thats about it , simply dont fly israir"

Pros: "Clean and well maintained aircraft. The crew was helpfull and correct. The flight was smooth. Leather seats."

Cons: "Got a snadwich and a water bottle. Although the flight was only two and a half hours."

Cons: "Chairs and cabin crew attitude mainly Israeli representative"

Cons: "The flight was an hour late The airplane wasn't of "Israir" with israeli pilots but "travel service" airplane (It is important to Israelis)"

Cons: "The color of the carpet of the airplan"

Pros: "Every thing was on time , the stuff was piloted"

Cons: "You should pay attention to detail like it was an night flight but you wrote 08;45 instead of 20:45 which is confusing"

Didn't enforce passengers to wear medical grade masks nor that they even properly wear their masks throughout the flight. So it was lots of people of unknown vaccination status all around me without masks on the whole flight.

Pros: "nothing"

Pros: "The meals we ordered were tasty and the leather seats and leg room are fair enough"

Cons: "Boarding is sooooo slow Entertainment facilities did not exist"

Pros: "The crew is good But the seats not comfortable .. it's like minibus .. no range of movement .."

Cons: "Toilet .. seats .. windows.. air conditioning must be stronger .."

Pros: "Not so comfortable and no any food or drink beverage for free of charge"

Cons: "They should at clean and provide food and drink for free of charges"

Pros: "Always on time and prices"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "The flight was ok"

Cons: "My husband and son both ordered a wheel chair because I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and when I arrived in turkey they said there was no order for one. I walked through the airport at a snails PA e and since I arrived I have been very sick."

Pros: "nothing"

Cons: "everything"

Cons: "Landing was very rocky"

Pros: "The price"

Cons: "The mass"

Pros: "The price"

Cons: "The seats"

Cons: "Discomfort, very small airplane for a 4 hours trip. Crew is angry and rude. Food is expensive and not tatsy."

Pros: "Friendly crew."

Cons: "Not being able to check-in online."

Cons: "Old plane, really crowded seats, the air crew doesn’t bother to clean the lavatories. Those who are working that is as the toilets up front were out of order..."

Cons: "My bag did not arrive"

Pros: "price good -- and it worth try again -- get more from this price"

Cons: "Late boarding for unknown reason."

Pros: "As noted above"

Cons: "Nothing really"

Pros: "Everything was on time, crew was nice, a lot of empty seats"

Cons: "Noisy children..."

Pros: "nothing."

Cons: "everything"

Pros: "Nothing."

Cons: "A lot of peoblems with this airlines. I will not use it again."

Pros: "Fast boarding on time departure nice crew"

Cons: "really narrow seats no options to lower the back of the seat Water cost money no TV"

Pros: "The flight itself went smoothly"

Cons: "I expected to atleast get a glass of water"

Pros: "Arrived 30 mins earlier"

Cons: "Nothing to dislike"

Pros: "On time"

Cons: "Public address system loudspeaker on plane was quite loud"

Pros: "On time"

Pros: "Connecting flight to Stockholm was cancelled. Had to fly to Copenhagen and perchuse another flight with SAS When complaining to their staff the answer I received was that no other airline would even give me an option to fly to Copenhagen (where I was not headed by the way) in short - paid another 300$, got to Stockholm 3 hours late and will never fly them againb"

Pros: "All was good but I thing thy need to give food with no pay 3.30 h fly thy need something free"

Pros: "No problems at all, everything was OK and most important, on time"

Cons: "My tent poles, which were attached to my bag were lost. I am hiking in Switzerland and have no tent now!!!"

Pros: "Great team and great pilot everybody to the baggage people were excellent!"

Cons: "All they wanted was money. It was a scam. What is 8kg for a canyon? They would have charged me $75 for 5 kg! The only reason they didn't is because their system was down. They tried my credit cards and when that didn't work, they asked for cash. I never carry more than $5. There was no order in the airport and it was absolute mayhem. I went from line to line. I will never use this airline aha in! TWO hours to get my boarding pass? Anthony Gallo"

Cons: "Crew lacks professionalism and courtesy. Distance, between rows, is small, a few cms (5-7) more, will bring great benefit. The transfer, at Instanbul, was crowded, inefficient and noisy; it took too long. The bathrooms were filthy and stinky."

Cons: "It took me two hours in line just to print my boarding pass even though I checked in online. Many of us thought we would miss the flight. Terrible customer service. I'm never flying with them again"

Cons: "Check in took 1.5h, that is why me and my wife werent seating next to each other, and also we almost missed our flight."

Cons: "Not even refreshments or a glass of water, almost all flights were delayed, no entertainment, lousy experience..."

Cons: "We wait 1.5 good air water and no juice"

Pros: "The crew from the Paris to Istanbul flight rushed us to the Beirut flight so that we made it on time."

Cons: "All food is for purchase. No in-flight entertainment."

Pros: "nothing."

Cons: "The flight was canceled only after checking in and going through immigration. I am stuck in limbo due to visa expired and can not go back into Dubai. Had to remain inside departure terminal by gate for 18 hours. Ended up rebooking flight with another airline and delaying my arrival into Turkey by two days."

Pros: "As long as I arrive safely, price is the most important thing about a flight..."

Cons: "Flight was delayed over an hour sitting on plane. Flight attendants were rude."

Pros: "The actual flight to Turkey was ok. nothing horrible happened."

Cons: "I came four hours before my flight, about 4 a.m.. two and a half was spent sending me back and forth because they couldn't agree on what was an appropriate price to charge me for extra baggage. The girl at the baggage counter called Pegasus and they told her the amount. When I got back to the baggage counter, the man there started checking my bags then the supervisor started yelling at me and him, because of a "miscommunication" between the other girl and Pegasus. I heard the other girl explain, and it was no communication. The supervisor as she called herself was extremely rude and short tempered with EVERYONE. Plus, they wanted to charge me 215 dollars for one extra bag. Really? I finally took a few things out and got away with under 90 dollars from the 20 dollars they were going to charge me before. I would have been happy to book with another airline that would have easily come under that price, and I barely got to my gate on time. I booked with Turkish air prior and it was 200 dollars round trip and I was very happy. My bags and food were free. When I got to Turkey to change flights, we had to get off the plane we were on and get on another, and my flight was over two hours delayed. We had to stay at the gate, and so I couldn't buy food at the airport. I would have gotten to Frankfurt at two so the small breakfast I had would have been ok, and now I had to buy food on the plane because I had planned also to meet a friend for dinner outside of Frankfurt before another flight (actually the entire reason I was flying with Pegasus in the first place) and now I wouldn't make it. Can you imagine spending all that money plus a hotel and the entire reason you went is just gone and you have to deal with all of this? So I go to buy food on the plane and I'm told my credit card doesn't work. The funny thing is, previously I checked my bags with the same credit card, and afterwards I rented a car and hotel with the same card. I knew my credit card worked. I made her try it again and nothing. So I just had to live on the small amount of yogurt I had had that morning. There was no apologies or anything for everything we went through except when my credit card wouldn't work the flight attendant gave me some coffee for free. I'm not a complainer and actually travel quite a bit (I've been traveling for 3.5 months straight all over europe and the middle east). This has been the only negative experience I've had. I truly believe that Pegasus does not care about keeping customers. I really feel like I've been treated like dirt, and that I was tricked into booking with them. I've always booked with Kayak and will continue to, but I would reconsider working with Pegasus if I were you. The other discounters like Ryanair are just fine. But this experience made me extremely angry and I will never book with Pegasus again."

Pros: "Everage"

Cons: "Service"

Cons: "We arrived late and had to run over the airport to not missing our next flight. Arrived from Paris and had to take flight Istambul to Antalya."

Cons: "Flying from Zurich to Israel was able to board the plane with a carry on and a laptop back pack. On the flight from Israel to Zurich i was charged 130$ for extra weight having exactly the same things."

Pros: "flight happened"

Cons: "quality didnt seem high flight was a little late"

Pros: "The service of the team The guy ho check in ,i ask him for place infront of the plane and tell him that send e mail befor He give me first place for my parents becase its first time they fly"

Pros: "Cancelled my out bound flight from tel aviv with I notice. Can't contact them etc. horrible situation"

Cons: "Everything"

Pros: "No delays"

Cons: "No complimentary food"

Pros: "none"

Cons: "I had a connecting flight to Oslo (Same reservation number) Dubai-Istanbul-Oslo The first section was 2 hour late and I lost connection. almost arriving to Istanbul the crew told the it was 40 min delay (First lie). The land personal also lied. They offered to pay for the visa to turkey (As i originally do not need) they did not. They say They will provide a 5 star hotel it was a Holiday Inn. The transport next day almost do not make it on time.... It was a terrible experience. I had another flight connection to Iceland but as it was not their company they did not care. The next day here is no iceland flight so I need to loose another day and pay the second company penalties for the change. Pegasus is routinely late!! Y can relate several problems of other passengers I witness. They also lied saying the problem was air traffic (the maximum time a plane can order to circling in the air for a chance to land is 45 min but we did not). TERRIBLE."

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