Cheap Flight Tickets from Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) to Sharjah from ₹ 10,327 | (TRV - SHJ) - KAYAK (2023)

Pros: "I liked the fact that it was a direct flight"

Cons: "Little more customer satisfaction"

Cons: "Good airline. Flight was delayed due to weather"

Pros: "we lost our bags"

Cons: "we lost our bags"

Pros: "Always ahead of scheduled arrival in my last few flights. Love it"

Pros: "Cleanliness, and punctuality."

Cons: "Choice of food available. Since it was lunch time, proper lunch type food should be available, and not just snacks."

Pros: "Punctuality, and professional service."

Cons: "All good."

Cons: "cost of the seats can be reduced or it can be free"

Pros: "Punctuality, and cleanliness."

Cons: "No comments."

Pros: "Crew was good."

Cons: "Seating could be better. the cushions would come off"

Cons: "Flight delay was not communicated timely"

Cons: "Flight was delayed by 15 mins and there was a gate change which was a complete surprise."

Pros: "I liked the total travel time the flight took."

Cons: "The boarding suddenly changed the gate just within minutes of the departure & informed none."

Cons: "45 minutes in the checking queue. And long queue at the boarding gates. Please get your act together. All it takes is a little forethought and efficiency — not many people looking busy and doing the same thing."

Cons: "Could have been on time"

Pros: "The crew is very good. Best behaviour. Arrive before main time. Seat os comfortable."

Cons: "Service facility is very good. I like IndiGo crew members & their behaviour."

Pros: "Good service"

Cons: "None"

Pros: "Crew was professional and the plane was very clean"

Cons: "The seats are very weak and anyone touching on the backside would feel as if they are directly touching you."

Cons: "Announcements should be in local language primarily. Crew was not friendly. No smiles on any of the crew members."

Pros: "Friendly attitude"

Cons: "Charging for food or beverages"

Pros: "the airline manage the well UPTU issuing boarding pass."

Cons: "Airline doesn't provide inflight meals moreover they do not accept Indian currency, the currency half the country from which they are operating. They were accepting credit card to be charged in US dollar or cash in Qatar Riyal for the food amount. I offered to pay through credit card but two cards has failed while third was accepted. There were many passengers who were not carrying case in Qatar Riyal and their cards work not successfully swipe,therefore they remained hungry. This is in human and no airline on international route is allowed to do so"

Pros: "Friendly and helpful flight attendants"

Cons: "My seat cushion was flattened but otherwise a nice flight!"

Pros: "Everything"

Pros: "Very smooth trip. Efficient control"

Cons: "Boarding was late so flight was 20 minutes late at Delhi"

Cons: "We are foreign students and when we purchased our ticket we were not given the option to buy a student price ticket in Kayak or at the indigo counter at the new delhi airport. We were charged 3000rps each for overweight luggage and the staff at the check in counter in Jaipur were really rude about it. After having paid an extra 3000 rps which was almost like buying another flight ticket to new Delhi for just a 35 min flight, our flight was 1 hour delayed!! Definitely we will NEVER fly with indigo again!!!"

Pros: "The people"

Cons: "The seats, it was too warm. Being herded into busus like cattle."

Pros: "On time and before time"

Cons: "A"

Pros: "In an Indigo flight, there is nothing to like"

Cons: "The fact that Indigo did not allow us to change the flight and made my wife to rebook the return flight"

Cons: "The plane was full of mosquitoes. The crew had not heard of mosquito repellant, and were unable to do anything to help passengers."

Pros: "On time"

Pros: "It was on time and the staff were courteous"

Cons: "Every now and then Indigo's website has challenges"

Pros: "Plane boarded quickly and left right on time. Very comfortable and smooth flight. We were surprised that our luggage arrived before we got to baggage claim."

Cons: "Web check in didn't email boarding passes to the correct email."

Pros: "All great !"

Cons: "Flight missed & the passenger is traveling through bus from Bom to Hyd. Very Poor Service. Very disappointed. ☹️"

Pros: "Kayak service is not good"

Cons: "Good"

Pros: "Everything except that the veg sandwich finished out of stock & myself being a diabetic started having hypo (Low blood sugar). Luckily I had my glucose tablets."

Cons: "Food out of stock"

Pros: "Nice crew, speedy boarding"

Cons: "I checked in 5 hours in advance and they gave me a middle seat without even asking. There were aisle and windows free in the plane"

Pros: "The cabin crew didn’t even ask us for water. We were yelled at by Anoop T working for indigo airlines at Trivandrum airport. He was drunk and unnecessarily charged us for baggage check in when clearly our tickets stated that no extra baggage charges are applicable. The third party through which we booed our flight generated 3 PNRs and Anoop claimed that he will charge us for baggage check in. He was impatient, rude and drunk."

Cons: "The cabin crew didn’t even ask us for water. We were yelled at by Anoop T working for indigo airlines at Trivandrum airport. He was drunk and unnecessarily charged us for baggage check in when clearly our tickets stated that no extra baggage charges are applicable. The third party through which we booed our flight generated 3 PNRs and Anoop claimed that he will charge us for baggage check in. He was impatient, rude and drunk."

Pros: "As above"

Cons: "As above"

Pros: "Excellent condition and on time."

Pros: "Nothing that i liked"

Cons: "I wanted to cancel the ticket but none of your cook gravy details were reachable. I sent emails but no reply. I had to cancel the ticket from indigo directly but i didn't get the refund for the same yet. Bri unhappy with the service."

Pros: "I was seated in Economy area. The seats are very cramped up. Practically no room for movements. In emergency it can be really dangerous"

Cons: "Sufficient leg room"

Pros: "On time"

Cons: "Food choice"

Pros: "Honestly nothing"

Cons: "This is the worst airline i have ever traveled. Indigo change their flight times many times and they canceled the flight twice hence i will never book this flight in future"

Cons: "I missed the flight coz it was preponed. I had to spend 500 extra dollars on scheduling my international flight."

Cons: "The chicken Junglee sandwich was stale hard and really dry."

Cons: "My son unable to use ticket I prepaid for him on my card. They wanted physical card which I have in usa not in India with my son"

Pros: "Clean and comfortable"

Cons: "No free snacks or food/drinks of any kind :("

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Poor in flight service. Had to twice request for a glass of water which was served in a dirty paper cup."

If there is TV

best airline to fly

best airline to fly

Pros: "Everything was fine!"

Cons: "Direct flight"

Pros: "Everything was good"

Cons: "Everything is good"

Pros: "Crew was amazing, decent leg room"

Cons: "Smelled like Indian body odor"

Pros: "Crew was great"

Cons: "It smelled like Indian body odor on the plane"

Cons: "The staff have to respect people and they have to solve the problems which comes to passenger."

Cons: "I paid more than the price of the ticket for my luggage"

Pros: "Delay"

Cons: "Don't delat"

Pros: "Good quality meals online and also on board. Prompt departure and arrival. Professional staff."

Cons: "Some entertainment is needed on longer flights. This is the only downside."

Pros: "Very good pilots and impressive flight management."

Cons: "Delayed departure time and unreasonable price for snacks on the plane."

Pros: "Crew, cleanliness, timing"

Cons: "No entertainment"

Pros: "Maintained time even though late"

Cons: "The flight was a bit delayed"

Pros: "On time"

Cons: "Nothing to complain"

Pros: "Good crew"

Cons: "Boaring and security in Indian airports"

Pros: "The price, the space between seat rows"

Cons: "No more of food menu,"

Pros: "The crew proficiency"

Cons: "Boarding time in the transit airport and the handbag limit in the first airport"

Cons: "provide at least drinking water in flight"

Cons: "they put my hand luggage in check-in luggage and broken my hand bag it was brand new was 100 usd price .when i complain at Nairobi about it they refuse to take my complain .can i get compensation for that ?"

Pros: "There is not a single thing about this flight and airline worth appreciating"

Cons: "Some of the most unhelpful, incompetent and unprofessional staff i have ever had to encounter. Honestly the worst flight of my life. NEVER flying with Air Arabia again and I recommend everyone else spend a little more money to fly with another airline to avoid the hastle this airline will without a doubt put you through. I have submitted a complaint with Air Arabia, let us see if they even reply"

Pros: "I liked the fact that the flight was on schedule in spite of the fact that one passenger seemed to cause a delay on forgetting to locate his passport from his own carry on ! I also liked the content shown on the screens as they juggled my ken a bit! Food was to taste despite the cabin pressure! The cabin crew were just amazing!"

Cons: "I did not like the fact that I had to strech my pate and strain my eyes to view the screens. The food was a bit expensive on board unlike online!I feel the variance is unjustifiable. Seats are so squeezed and unadjustable for more comfort!"

Pros: "All the best"

Pros: "The staff onboard is great. That is the only thing I have to say about this airline in a positive light. I will not use them again."

Cons: "no entertainment, no food (without paying high prices for). I will not use this airline again"

Cons: "Tried to book baggage and seats online for flight from Colombo to Sharjah but website wasn't working, so called their office in Colombo. Was told it was too late to book baggage so would have to pay more than double the regular charge. I explained repeatedly that I had tried to book it but the website was down but the lady on the phone completely ignored what I was saying. She then said I should have called them to report the problem - insinuating that it was somehow my fault that their website wasn't working. Quite an interesting twist on 'customer service' in a service industry company. Nothing in the email I received from them stated what to do should their waist fail; no number to call, no procedure, nothing. I had to take a 1-hour trip into the city to speak to them directly at their office. The lady there I spoke with simply made a few mouse clicks and the problem was solved. This of course begs the question of why that couldn't have been done over the phone. The lady on the phone put me on hold for over 10 minutes, clearly hoping that I would give up and hang up. Air Arabia should fire this person immediately as she has no business being in the customer service industry if she is going to be so insulting to a paying customer. As a member of the company she sheds a horrible and unprofessional light on it."

Pros: "Food is good and cheap Beverages are cheap Friendly staff On time"

Cons: "Sharjah airport is very dirty"

Pros: "Nothin as I want cancel this journey as noone come in these and I booked tickets for my friends and they said not coming and I called air Arabia company 10 days before journey depart and they refused to give refunds and this site is very poor to help customers for these conditions , very bad"

Pros: "boarding was fast"

Cons: "seat comfort"

Pros: "Was a cheap flight"

Cons: "The Seats doesn't recline"

Cons: "Late"

Pros: "On time Service. Courteous Crew. No Alcohol policy"

Cons: "Meal was burnt. They should look into the meal heating process :)"

The crew was polite. The snacks were served cold and were tasteless.

Absolutely ignorant Air India personnel at the Air India counters in Cochin Airport.

Cons: "What a smelly plane! Clean it!"

Pros: "Poor crew service"

Cons: "Handling customer boarding process better"

Cons: "Good"

Cons: "Food is disgusting, take off was terrible (not sure if was pilot or just a super old and terrible plane). They decided to go through all of our bags again as we went up stairs to board the plane. Of my hundreds of flights I have never seen something this idiotic and redundant. Completely ridiculous to open up every single passenger’s bag before allowing them to take their seat. And this happened an hour AFTER departure time, making me and half the plane miss connecting flights. Never book through them, pay the extra to save yourself the headache. They didn’t care that they made us spend an extra $1000 to rebook international flights, just a “we understand this inconveniences you” completely ridiculous."

Pros: "Most things went smoothly. Crew was friendly."

Cons: "Seats were uncomfortable."

Pros: "Absolutely horrible! The airline canceled my flight and would not refund my money. My credit card company is disputing it now. I’ll never use this airline again and recommend you do the same..."

Cons: "They canceled my flight and kept my money!"

Pros: "I got the emergency exit door seat which I feel very comfortable. Departure on time, Arrival on early than scheduled."

Cons: "First of all, The ground staff not having proper coordination at Doha Air Port. Safety induction very Poor, all demo equipment's was dirty and damaged. Another seat not really that good. Compare to other International flight this one extremely POOR. No Quality food, No Entertainment. The ONLY Flight not recommended for international travel. AIR INDIA is ok for travel."

Cons: "not satisfactory from any angel!"

Pros: "Nothing!"

Cons: "Everything!"

Cons: "Boarding wasn't comfortable"

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