Buy From Ethika's USA Online Store - International Shipping - Borderoo (2022)

Buy From Ethika's USA Online Store - International Shipping - Borderoo (1)

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Does Ethika Ship Internationally?

If you’ve tried to order from Ethika in the USA or UK, then you know that they may not offer international shipping to every country. In this post, we’ll show you a simple process to get any item from Ethika or any other USA/UK store shipped to your location, in any country worldwide.

How To Buy Ethika If You Don’t Live in the USA/UK (3-Step Process)

Step 1: Sign Up for an International Shipping Forwarder

If Ethika doesn’t ship to your country, then you need to ship your items to a US/UK package forwarder who’ll then ship your package to your international location. We recommend because we’ve shipped over 1,000 packages with six different package forwarders and MyUS has the lowest rates, is tax-free, and is the most popular United States & United Kingdom shipping forwarder by far.

Signing up is easy, plus you’ll be able to see the exact cost of your international shipments before you ship anything to MyUS. Also, if you have any issues placing your Ethika order, MyUS’s concierge service can place the order for you.


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If you still have questions about how MyUS works, check out this short explainer video:

Step 2 (Optional): Sign Up for a Cash-Back Service

Did you know that you can get an extra 2-10% in cash-back on many orders by using a cash-back service?

Ebates is the most popular cash-back service in the United States – plus they gift you $10 in bonus cash after completing your first purchase!

Step 3: Buy Ethika Products from the Official Website

Once you’ve set up your US or UK shipping address and clicked through a cash-back website, you’re ready to make your Ethika purchase. Just visit the Ethika website and place your order.

It’s that simple, so just follow this 3-step process and enjoy your Ethika online shopping spree!

What Is Ethika?

Ethika is an underwear brand having a focus on personal identity, a new which places quality and style ahead of everything else, plus one which provides fashion essentials for busy men and women searching for clothes that match their life style. Ethika is vibrant, cozy and fashionable, plus they have even an array for kiddies.

More About MyUS – Why Is It the Best Option?

While there are many different package forwarders on the internet, they’re not as big as MyUS. And what’s the biggest benefit from working with the largest package forwarder? They have the best shipping rates because they’re doing the highest volume.

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Whether you’re looking to ship with FedEx, UPS, DHL, or any other international shipping provider, MyUS has you covered. On one screen, you can get real-time quotes for how much it’ll cost to ship Ethika products to your country.

With many carriers, you won’t know precisely how much the final shipping charges will be until you’ve bought your items and shipped them to the package forwarder’s warehouse. But because MyUS does weight-based pricing instead of dimension-based pricing, you’ll know exactly how much shipping will cost before you make your purchase from Ethika.

We’ve used and recommended MyUS to customers for more than four years and they come with our strongest possible recommendation!


What Countries Does Ethika Ship To?

Buy From Ethika's USA Online Store - International Shipping - Borderoo (2)

Using a package forwarder, you can ship Ethika internationally to any country or region in the world including:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom (Britain / England / UK), Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, South America, Middle East, and Europe.

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Note that there are personal shopper services that can help you buy from any store, including Ethika, even if they block or don’t ship to freight forwarders.

MyUS & Ethika International Shipping FAQs

Here are 6 frequently asked questions regarding shipping cost, shipping time, and returns when you want to order from Ethika and use MyUS to forward the package to you:

1. Ethika Shipping Cost – How Much Is Ethika Shipping?

The answer is it depends on the weight of your order and where you’re shipping it to. You can use MyUS’s handy shipping rate calculator to estimate your Ethika shipping cost.

The good news is you don’t have to worry about hidden extra fees because you’ll only be charged for your package‘s actual weight.

And if you have multiple packages, MyUS will help you save up on the shipping cost by combining your parcels into one box.

2. Ethika Shipping Time – How Long Until I Get My Product?

After your Ethika order arrives at MyUS, they’ll spend 1-2 days (excluding weekends and holidays) processing your order. After they ship it to you, you’ll get your item within 1-12 days depending on the shipping method you selected.

This doesn’t count how long your Ethika order will arrive at MyUS. That’ll depend on the store‘s shipping policy and delivery times. This could range from 2 days to a couple of weeks.

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3. Ethika Returns – Does MyUS Offer Refunds or Return Services?

Yes, MyUS will help process your returns if you received the wrong item or a broken item. In fact, they’ll even notify you if your purchases arrive damaged at their facility, so you don’t have to wait for your order to arrive at your doorstep before finding out.

You can also request them to take detailed photos of your purchases to make sure Ethika shipped the correct items.

But every store is different. Most will offer refunds and returns, but sometimes you’ll have to pay for necessary shipping fees. So make sure to check Ethika’s return and refund policy before you checkout your order.

4. How Do I Track My International Orders from Ethika?

Tracking your delivery when shopping from US/UK is very easy with MyUS. From your customer account on their website, you’ll be able to provide details of your order in the Incoming Packages tab.

And once they’ve received your shipment from Ethika, you’ll be able to access tracking information for your delivery via the customer account as well.

5. MyUS Alternatives – What to Do if Ethika Won’t Ship to Your MyUS Address

There are a number of stores that won’t ship to package forwarders. If you encounter this issue with Ethika, the solution is to use a personal shopping service or to buy your product(s) on eBay.

1. eBay: This is a great option because almost all sellers on eBay ship to freight forwarders and many even ship internationally. To filter by shipping to your country, click on any item, click on “shipping and payments” which should be halfway down the page, then select your country. Now when you search on eBay, it’ll display international shipping prices.


2. Personal Shopping Services: These services will place the order for you and then ship to your international address.,, and all offer concierge services where they will buy the item for you and then ship it to your address. The biggest difference is that MyUS charges 8% of the purchase price, FishisFast charges $5 + 7% and BigAppleBuddy charges a $50 flat rate + $15 for each additional item.

6. I Still Can’t Order from Ethika Even After Doing the Previous Steps. What Do I Do?

There are three potential issues that you’re running into if your order is getting blocked or repeatedly canceled:

  1. The retailer may not allow customers to place an order if their internet location is outside of the U.S.A.
    1. The solution here is to use a VPN service, such asPrivate Internet Access, to essentially trick the internet into believing that you’re within the United States while placing the order.
  2. The retailer may not accept your credit card
    1. The solution here is to use a virtual credit card, such asEntropay, so that your billing address will be located in the U.S.A.
  3. The retailer may not ship to the shipping forwarder that you’re working with
    1. If the order is repeatedly getting canceled then this is most likely the issue.
    2. You’re best off using lesser known shipping forwarders with the hope that they aren’t,, andPlanetExpress.comare good options.
    3. If all else fails, you can use a personal concierge service, such charges a $50 fee to ship you anything).


Does ethika ship worldwide? ›

Lucky for you, we are currently offering free worldwide shipping on every order!

Why does ethika take so long to ship? ›

Please note: Due to COVID-19 we are experiencing longer than normal shipping times.

Does very deliver to America? ›

Focusing primarily on the US and Canadian markets, will sell to 49 countries across Europe and North America with the retailer aiming for a maximum delivery time of five days, which will be free for orders over $98 (£63) and with no charge for returns.

Can you cancel an order from ethika? ›

Order Cancellation, Refunds & Exchanges:

If you are not satisfied with your purchase we will assist you with your refund or exchange. We are happy to exchange/refund any item purchased online (unless stated otherwise).

How long does it take to ship Ethikas? ›

How long does it take Ethikas to ship? We typically take 1-3 business days for handling & processing your order. The typical delivery time frame is anywhere from 10-20 business days. Depending on your location, you might receive items much earlier.

How long is PSD shipping? ›

For US orders, PSD offers standard shipping, expedited shipping and next day shipping. Standard shipping orders will be delivered 3-7 days after the order ships, expedited will be delivered within two business days of the ship date, and next day will be delivered within 1 business day of the order shipping.

How can you tell fake ethika? ›

Real vs Fake Ethika Boxer Review - YouTube FIRST

Where is ethika located? ›

The company is based in San Clemente, California and has produced a longer fitting boxer brief, which they refer to as "The Staple." In 2015, the company expanded its product offering, launching multiple new products for men, women and children.

Why is my order still being processed? ›

It means that your order has been received and is now in the queue to be shipped out. The time it takes for your order to be fulfilled and sent out will vary depending on the merchant, but you can usually expect to receive your package within a few days of placing your order.

Can I buy stuff from the UK and ship to US? ›

Customers in USA love that their UK address with ForwardVia allows them to buy from the UK and ship to USA. UK Forwarding to USA has never been easier with ForwardVia. American can get great deals on electronics, new and used clothes, make-up, auto/​car accessories, groceries, shoes and more!

Why is shipping from UK to US so expensive? ›

The cost increase can be attributed to numerous factors, but none more so than the impact of Covid-19 on the shipping industry and a mismatch between the timing of lockdowns around the world. In both the US and the EU, lockdown resulted in higher demand for consumer goods manufactured in China.

Can I buy from UK and ship to US? ›

Shipping from UK to US is easy and affordable and doesn't take as long as you might think. You can ship suitcases, boxes, parcels, and sports equipment, such as bikes and golf clubs, from the UK to the US, to any one of the 50 US states.

How do I contact ethika? ›

Reach our to and we will take care of it!

How do I cancel a skip order? ›

Go to Order Tracker on the SkipTheDishes app or website. Tap the “Cancel Order” button at the top of your screen.

How do I cancel an affirm order? ›

Article Details

To cancel an order that hasn't been shipped yet, contact the store where you placed the order and tell them you want to cancel it. If it's possible, they'll go ahead and cancel your order. If your loan isn't finalized yet, we'll remove it from your Affirm account. It'll be like the loan never happened.

What does ethika stand for? ›

With that simple thought, Ethika was born, with its name alone having a deep meaning. "It's a made-up word, but it stands for athletics, ethics, ethnicity in a crazy cynical world," says McCassy.

Can you track a package by the order number? ›

Can I track a package with the order number? Usually, no. The tracking number and order number are two different numbers. The buyers can only track their package thanks to a tracking number, it is not possible to track a parcel with the order number.

How long does drop usually take to ship? ›

Come to find out shipping will take 4-8 weeks for an item listed as "in stock".

How long does it take for drop com to ship? ›

Orders are packaged and shipped usually within 3 business days, shipping times will vary based on the shipping method chosen.

How fast does drop com ship? ›

Typically brands will take 24-72 hours to process and ship orders, but shipping times will vary depending on the brand. The delivery will be sent in accordance to the rules of the site. Deliveries will be made by third parties like UPS, FEDEX, US MAIL or DHL.

How do I contact ethika? ›

Reach our to and we will take care of it!


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