15 Stores That Offer Freebies and Discounts On Your Birthday (2023)

15 Stores That Offer Freebies and Discounts On Your Birthday (2)

Did you know that there are so many stores that offer freebies and discounts on your birthday, to celebrate right along with you!? It’s true — you can save money and enjoy awesome perks on your special day when you shop at some of your favourite brands. What’s better, all you have to do is sign-up with your email to score these deals. Count me in.

15 Stores That Offer Freebies and Discounts On Your Birthday (3)

Here are stores that offer awesome freebies and discounts on your birthday.


Join the Sephora Beauty Insider Rewards Program to score a free gift every year on your b-day. You may even get some of your favourite makeup brands in the package!

Old Navy

Be sure to sign-up for the birthday club to get sent a birthday coupon.

(Video) Birthday Freebies! How to Get Free Stuff on Your Birthday (Free Food, Free Makeup) 🎈


Enter your email in the Gap’s newsletter sign-up to get a surprise coupon on your day of birth.

The Body Shop

Join the “Love Your Body Club” and receive a $10 reward on your birthday purchase.


BareMinerals will send you free makeup samples on your birthday when you sign-up for its program.


Who doesn’t love birthday clubs? DSW will give you a $5 coupon just for being you. Browse the awesome selection of footwear from sneakers, boots, booties, heels, and more.

Columbia Sportswear

Hand over your email to Columbia Sportswear to join its program and receive a 20% off coupon on your birthday. Load up on all of your winter gear at a discount.


Sign-up for RW&Co’s RWInsider program to get an exclusive birthday coupon to spend in-store or online.

Hudson’s Bay

Join HBC’s email list and get a $10 when you buy $50 coupon for your birthday. Shop designer and other name brands at awesome prices.


Create your account on the Studio loyalty program to get exclusive discounts on your birthday.


Be sure to sign-up to the Studio program to enjoy special perks and discounts on your birthday. Download the app for even easier access!

American Eagle

Sign-up for the American Eagle newsletter to get sent a 15% off coupon that you can use for the month of your b-day!


Enjoy a special offer on your birthday when you sign-up for the brand’s newsletter.

(Video) Over 20 Food and Retail Birthday Freebies To Grab! What They Are & How To Get Them. 🎁 Adara Unboxed


Are you a fan of cozy loungewear? Sign-up for the Aerie newsletter to score a 15% off coupon to use during the month of your birthday.


Join the ALDO Crew to get a percentage off of your purchase on your big day.

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